The Gaelic Demon Warrior

After the brutal massacre of his small peaceful village, one man survived. Cathaior (Ka-heer), while rising to the Golden Gates of the Afterlife was dragged down into underworld by the manifestation of his greed and lust for power and retribution. There he encountered Death himself, and upon making a deal was returned to the earth as the undead demon, a shell of his former self. On his journey for revenge, Cathaior encounters those that shaped his former self and those that have shaped him into the demon he is today. What will become of those that have unjustly massacred his village and left him for dead? Will Cathaior fall deeper into darkness and forever be trapped inside undead demon?

Design Info
3D Studio Max 2012
Created the base mesh, then created and baked the low poly version for game engines.
ZBrush R4.2
Sculpting of the anatomy, creation of the wardrobe and texture painting. Exporting of high, low and medium poly meshes as well as textures for 3D Max to develop the game engine mesh.
Photoshop CS3
Editing of textures and compositing final renders.
Progress Images
A look into the sculpting of the anatomy before texturing Cathaior
Sculpting the soft fabric was one of the most fun parts of the creation process.
Cathaior circa 2009. You can really see the improvements in anatomy, modeling and texturing.